The Coming Back Out Ball Movie

MA 15+
Strong coarse language.
The Coming Back Out Ball Movie is an observational feature documentary that follows a group of older LGBTI+ people, who have been invited to attend a Ball celebrating their gender and sexual identity. Faced with the complexities of ageing and isolation, these extraordinary people seize each day with determination and humour. In a world that is rapidly changing for the LGBTI+ community around the world, we witness some of our cast experiencing acceptance and love for the very first time in their lives.


Wednesday, 12 December 20184:45 pm , 6:45 pm
Thursday, 13 December 20184:45 pm
Saturday, 15 December 20187:00 pm
Sunday, 16 December 20186:15 pm
Monday, 17 December 20184:30 pm
Tuesday, 18 December 20184:30 pm
Wednesday, 19 December 20184:30 pm
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