Charlie Chaplin Retrospective

THE KID (1921) (G) Tickets
A small child is infuriating the locals by maliciously throwing rocks through their windows. However, a charismatic man always seems to show up offering glass replacement.
Thursday 5th August 11am / Saturday 7th August 1:30pm.
A WOMAN OF PARIS (1923) (PG) Tickets
A kept woman runs into her former fiancé and finds herself torn between love and comfort.
Thursday 26th August 11am / Saturday 28th August 1:30pm.
THE CIRCUS (1928) (G) Tickets
In this high-flying comedy, we are quickly caught up in Chaplin’s whirlwind of gags, where even the acrobats and clowns watch his show-stopping stunts from the sidelines.
Thursday 16th Sep 11am / Saturday 18th Sep 1:30pm.
CITY LIGHTS (1931) (G) Tickets
With the aid of a wealthy erratic tippler, a dewy-eyed tramp who has fallen in love with a sightless flower girl accumulates money to be able to help her medically.
Thursday 21st Oct 11am / Saturday 23rd Oct 1:30pm.
MODERN TIMES (1936) (G) Tickets
The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.
Thursday 18th Nov 11am / Saturday 20th Nov 1:30pm.
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