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105 mins
Mature themes, violence, coarse language and sex.
Selma Blair, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Josephine Langford.
Based on the 2014 romance novel of the same name, this follows the love life of two young adults.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov4:00 pm
Sat 28 Nov4:00 pm
Sun 29 Nov4:00 pm
91 mins
Mature themes.
Josh Brener, Jessica Rothe, Keala Settle, Harry Shum Jr.
A couple's wedding plans are thrown off course when the groom is diagnosed with liver cancer.
Session times at Mildura
Thu 26 Nov6:00 pm
Fri 27 Nov11:00 am, 3:40 pm, 6:00 pm
Sat 28 Nov3:40 pm, 6:00 pm
Sun 29 Nov3:40 pm, 6:00 pm
100 mins
Strong violence.
Walton Goggins, Mel Gibson, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Chance Hurstfield.
It centres on a rowdy, unorthodox Santa Claus "Gibson" who is fighting his business decline.
Session times at Mildura
Thu 26 Nov4:15 pm, 7:00 pm
Fri 27 Nov4:15 pm
Sat 28 Nov7:00 pm
Sun 29 Nov7:00 pm
102 mins
MA 15+
Strong bloody violence and coarse language.
Alan Ruck, Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, Uriah Shelton.
Prepare to get Freaky with a twisted take on the body-swap movie when a teenage girl switches bodies with a relentless serial killer.
Session times at Mildura
Thu 26 Nov6:40 pm
Fri 27 Nov1:30 pm, 6:40 pm
Sat 28 Nov1:30 pm, 6:40 pm
Sun 29 Nov1:30 pm, 6:40 pm
102 mins
Occasional Coarse Language.
Victor Garber, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Aubrey Plaza.
A young woman with a plan to propose to her girlfriend while at her family's annual holiday party discovers her partner hasn't yet come out to her conservative parents.
Session times at Mildura
Thu 26 Nov6:20 pm
Fri 27 Nov10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:20 pm
Sat 28 Nov10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:20 pm
Sun 29 Nov10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:20 pm
104 mins
My Cinema My Film Festival.
Jacob Junio Nayinggul, Simon Baker, Jack Thompson.
Set against the stunning landscapes of 1930s Arnhem Land, it chronicles young Aboriginal man Gutjuk.
Session times at Mildura
Sun 29 Nov4:00 pm
98 mins
Coarse language
Shane Jacobson, Jacki Weaver, James Cromwell, Jack Thompson.
It has been a long time since 'The Chain Breakers', escaped the torturous Vietnamese POW camp.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov12:45 pm
Sat 28 Nov12:45 pm
Sun 29 Nov12:45 pm
56 mins
Very mild themes.
When the scheming Duke of Flappington steals a powerful levitation gem from the royal caste, it's up to the PAW Patrol to jet to the rescue.
Session times at Mildura
Sat 28 Nov9:45 am, 11:40 am
Sun 29 Nov9:45 am, 11:40 am
119 mins
Mild themes, violence and coarse language
Sam Neill, Michael Caton.
Brothers Colin and Les have been fighting for decades. Both are award-winning sheep farmers but when disaster strikes and disease threatens their flocks.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov10:15 am, 1:15 pm
Sat 28 Nov10:15 am
Sun 29 Nov10:15 am
150 mins
Science fiction themes, violence and coarse language.
Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki.
An action epic revolving around international espionage, time travel, and evolution.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov3:00 pm
Sat 28 Nov3:00 pm
Sun 29 Nov3:00 pm
94 mins
MA 15+
A strong sex scene and coarse language.
My Cinema My Film Festival.
Talia Balsam, George Wendt, Judith Godrèche.
A look at the friendship between two guys that spans over many years.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov7:00 pm
102 mins
My Cinema My Film Festival.
Barbora Kysilkova, Karl-Bertil Nordland.
Desperate for answers about the theft of her 2 paintings, a Czech artist seeks out and befriends the career criminal who stole them.
Session times at Mildura
Sat 28 Nov4:00 pm
91 mins
Very mild themes, crude humour and coarse language
Anna Kendrick, James Corden, Sam Rockwell, Justin Timberlake.
Poppy and Branch discover that they are but one of six different Troll tribes.
Session times at Mildura
Fri 27 Nov10:30 am
Sat 28 Nov10:30 am, 1:15 pm
Sun 29 Nov10:30 am, 1:15 pm

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