Closed Captioning / Visual Aid Sessions

Hearing Impaired 

Either Closed Captioning (CC) equipment that provides text captions transmitted to a small personalized screen designed to rest in the cup holder of your seat, or Hearing Assist (HA) headphones that simply amplify the sound of the film.


Vision Impaired

Selected Wallis Cinemas can provide Audio Description (AD) via headphones that deliver a complete narration of all aspects of the film. (These headphones can also deliver the HA amplification simultaneously with AD.)
All Hearing Impaired and Vision Impaired equipment is available for selected sessions and will require photo identification for the loan of the device. Please enquire at the Ticket box.

List of sessions


Sweet Country

  • Noarlunga Tue 29 May 9:30 AM CC AD

Avengers: Infinity War

(3D) Solo: A Star Wars Story

Life of the Party

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Deadpool 2

Duck Duck Goose

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