Horsepower Crew - Fast & Furious 9

COVID-19 HEALTH DECLARATION - IMPORTANT You are answering these questions at the time of your ticket purchase, if at

ANYTIME your situation changes, you are obligated to NOT attend this event as part of the Emergency Management

Public Activities COVID-19 Direction. Non compliance can lead to serious action by SA Police & SA Health.

By purchasing this ticket, you Declare: “That you, or any of the passengers joining you to this event…

-Have NOT tested positive for COVID19 or been exposed to a person/s with a confirmed or suspected case of 

COVID19 in the past 14 days.

-Have NOT experienced fever and/or a temperature; a cough; headache; sore throat; fatigue and shortness of breath;

loss of smell or taste in the past 48 hours?

-Have NOT been living with someone that is required to self-isolate due a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19?

-Have No any other reason to be concerned you may be at risk of having COVID-19.

-Have NOT travelled interstate in the past 14 days.”

To affirm your declaration above, please proceed to purchase your ticket below.


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