My Cinema My Film Festival - Mt Barker - Mitcham

MY CINEMA MY FILM FESTIVAL screening at wallis Mitcham & Mt Barker

Sydney Film Festival’s Travelling Film Festival (TFF) has partnered with Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) and world-wide content delivery service Qube Wire to present My Cinema My Film Festival, with a metro curated program screening at our cinema. The initiative is supported by Screen Australia.

My Cinema My Film Festival aims to bring audiences back to the cinema at a time when we are faced with reduced capacity and fewer international releases. A chance to present curated international film festival to our local metro audience.

The Festival presents an eclectic program, showcasing independent and arthouse features from Australia and overseas, and a selection of Australian short films, as well as unique interview footage connecting film creatives to the Australian film-going community.

Metro Program highlights includes Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard award winning comedy The Climb. As well as Oscar nominated director Agnieszka Holland’s critically acclaimed drama Charlatan; and Sydney Film Festival 2020 Documentary Australia Foundation Award winner Descent, a strikingly beautiful documentary focussing on free diver Kiki Bosch.

Sydney Film Festival CEO Leigh Small said, “Sydney Film Festival and the Travelling Film Festival are proud to partner with ICA to bring an expertly curated selection of films to cinemas across Australia.

“My Cinema My Film Festival, gives independent operators a chance to present a bespoke festival-worthy program of world-class and top Australian cinema to screen to their local audiences.

“Australian cinemas everywhere have been struggling under the weight of COVID-19 factors such as lockdowns, reduced audience capacities, or access to films due to delayed and limited theatrical film releases globally.

“This is one step we can take together to help bring audiences back to the cinemas responsibly, with outstanding films they are unlikely to see anywhere on streaming platforms,” she said.

ADAM   Director: Maryam Touzani. Morocco/France/Belgium. In Arabic with English subtitles. 100 mins. (PG)
A poignant story set in Casablanca’s old city, selected for Cannes’ Un Certain Regard, featuring superb performances, an evocative setting, classic Arabic music and unforgettable characters.poignant story set in Casablanca’s old city, selected for Cannes’ Un Certain Regard, featuring superb performances, an evocative setting, classic Arabic music and unforgettable characters.
CHARLATAN  Director Agnieszka Holland. Czech Republic. In Czech with English subtitles. 118 mins. (MA) 15+ 
Multi-award-winning director Agnieszka Holland’s latest drama focuses on the real-life story of an obsessive herbalist – a conman for some, a saviour for others – during the Nazi Occupation of Czechoslovakia and the subsequent lowering of the Iron Curtain.
DESCENT  Director: Nays Baghai. Australia. In English and Dutch with English subtitles. 59 mins. (PG) 
Winner of the Sydney Film Festival’s 2020 Documentary Australia Foundation Award, Nays Baghai’s strikingly beautiful film focusses on Kiki Bosch, a free diver in freezing water – not a pastime for the faint of heart, but for Kiki, it was a life saver.
JOURNEY TO UTOPIA Director: Erlend E. Mo. Denmark/Norway. In Danish and Norwegian with English subtitles. 90 mins.(G)
A forward-thinking family leading a picture-perfect life on their farm in Norway make the dramatic decision to move to a brand new self-sufficient, eco-village in Denmark, but the path to environmentally ethical living is less than easy in this heart-warming documentary.

DIVING IN   Screens with DESCENT
Director: Adam Bowes, Nina Oyama. Australia. 9 mins. (PG) 
Will romance blossom for Alex? The competitive swimmer is madly in love with Jen, who works at the local pool. First, he needs to make a date, but his mischievous friends aren’t helping.
MAX RICHTER’S SLEEP   Director: Natalie Johns. UK. In English. 99 mins. (G)
A unique, captivating documentary that follows acclaimed composer and musician Max Richter and the presentation of an ambitious open-air performance of his celebrated eight-hour ambient opus ‘Sleep’.
THE CLIMB   Director: Michael Angelo Covino. USA. In English. 94 mins. (M) 
A totally charming, and bittersweet comedy directed, written by, and starring Michael Angelo Covino, that follows two friends through different rocky times in their lives. A prize winner at Cannes 2019 and a favourite with critics around the globe. WATCH TRAILER   Saturday 5 December 7:00pm
THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF   Director: Benjamin Ree. Norway. In English and Norwegian with English subtitles. 134 mins. (MA) 15+ 
A Sundance prize-winning documentary that exposes the curious friendship between an artist and the thief who stole her paintings, that offers a profound look at the art of healing — and the healing power of art.
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