From Under the Rubble - Q&A Screening

From Under the Rubble
Wed 29 Aug – 6:30 pm
Piccadilly – Buy Now!



Join us at Piccadilly Cinemas for a special screening of FROM UNDER THE RUBBLE follwed by a Q&A with the filmmakers!

When Israel invaded Gaza in January 2009 ten-year old Amal Samouni was living with her mother and father and eight siblings on the outskirts of Gaza City. When Amal’s father answered a knock on the door he was shot by Israeli soldiers. Amal’s mother, Zeinat Samouni, was then ordered to leave the house with her eight petrified, blood-soaked children and walk to Gaza City.

On the way, Amal became separated from her mother and Israeli soldiers herded her into a relative’s house. The next morning Israeli rockets were fired on the house. Amal remained trapped under the rubble for three days before medics were allowed into the area. They found Amal barely alive surrounded by the scattered pieces of her dead relatives. Severely injured and dehydrated Amal was taken to the hospital in Gaza City where she was reunited with her mother who had given up all hope that she was alive.

Now sixteen, Amal suffers daily from fifteen pieces of shrapnel imbedded in her head. Her mother, Zeinat, has been left a widow with seven children to fend for. But together, mother and daughter move forward with a breathtaking positivity that is a beacon of hope for the future.


*Event price. No complimentary or discount tickets.

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