Is there a group discount and how do I book?

Yes there is a discount for groups of ten or more. To book simply contact the cinema by telephone or in person.

What does no free list stand for?

No Free List is a term that means that complimentary tickets cannot be issued for a particular session. This excludes Cinesavers and Gift vouchers.

Why does 3D cost more?

A 3D film ticket is more expensive due to the introduction of new technology and the set-up and running cost of equipment. As a cinema chain we pay a royalty fee and also incur the cost of consumables, i.e. 3D glasses.

Do I have to book seats?

Buying tickets online enables you to choose and reserve your selected seat. We are unable to accept unpaid seat reservations.

When can I buy tickets online?

Online ticketing is accessible all the time and tickets can be purchased until 60mins before sessions commence.

Redeeming Vouchers and Discount Tickets online.

Wallis Giftcards, Cinesavers and Movie Meal Deals can be redeemed online by entering the barcode from the voucher on the payment screen once you have selected a film and session time. Other discounts cards are unable to be accepted online as they need to be scanned into the system or sighted to verify authenticity.

Where can I download the Phone App from?

The Wallis iPhone App is downloadable from: HERE

The Wallis Android App is downloadable from: HERE


My Cinesaver or Gift Voucher has expired. Can I use it?

All expired Cine Savers or Vouchers should be returned to the Marketing Manager at Wallis Cinemas, 139 Richmond Rd, Richmond SA 5033 with a stamped, self addressed return envelope for consideration. Depending on time frame and circumstances you may be given an extension.

*Note; We do not extend Complimentary Passes.

What are the ingredients in our popcorn?

SEED: Raw corn, OIL: Coconut oil and flavouring 160A, SALT: Colour 102 - tartrazine, No gluten, wheat or lactose.

When are movie times updated?

Session times are updated every Monday evening for the following Thursday-Wednesday week. A cinema week screens from a Thursday because that's the day the new movies are released. Our business is always changing so we update sessions every week. If you would like a specific time for a group function, please contact the cinema of your choice.


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