Where can I download the Phone App from?

The Wallis iPhone App is downloadable from: HERE

The Wallis Android App is downloadable from: HERE


My Voucher and Gift Card.

Due to the temporary closure of our locations all vouchers , will be honoured for a further 6 months after we reopen.


Due to the Coronavirus we would prefer payment to be via a card rather than cash. This is for the safety of our staff and yourself.

What are the ingredients in our popcorn?

SEED: Raw corn, OIL: Coconut oil and flavouring 160A, SALT: Colour 102 - tartrazine, No gluten, wheat or lactose.

When are movie times updated?

Session times are updated every Monday evening for the following Thursday-Wednesday week. A cinema week screens from a Thursday because that's the day the new movies are released. Our business is always changing so we update sessions every week. If you would like a specific time for a group function, please contact the cinema of your choice.

How do I apply for a job at Wallis?

To apply for a job at Wallis Cinemas, you simply take a copy of your resume or post a hard copy, (we do not accept e-mail resumes) to the specific cinema location (whether it be Mitcham, Mt Barker, Noarlunga, Piccadilly or Mainline Drive-in). The locations will keep your details on file for 90 days and will contact you if a position becomes available during that time.

Is there a group discount and how do I book?

Yes there is a discount for groups of ten or more. To book simply contact the cinema by telephone or in person.

What does no free list stand for?

No Free List is a term that means that complimentary tickets cannot be issued for a particular session. This excludes Cinesavers and Gift vouchers.

Why does 3D cost more?

A 3D film ticket is more expensive due to the introduction of new technology and the set-up and running cost of equipment. As a cinema chain we pay a royalty fee and also incur the cost of consumables, i.e. 3D glasses.

Do I have to book seats?

Buying tickets online enables you to choose and reserve your selected seat. We are unable to accept unpaid seat reservations.

When can I buy tickets online?

Online ticketing is accessible all the time and tickets can be purchased until 60mins before sessions commence.


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