Gepps X Market



Every Sunday Morning.

ID may be required if selling certain items, trestles are available for hire at a cost of $5 each plus a deposit of $5 each (ID required).

The following items are not permitted to be sold -

  • Any prepared or ready to eat foods, including but not limited to: sandwiches, pizza, chicken, BBQ, baked goods, lollies or snacks. Raw fruits or vegetables are permitted.
  • Beverages of ANY kind; bottled or canned drinks, coffee, water and smoothies.
  • Weapons or ammunition of any kind including but not limited to: rifles, pistols, knives, swords, bow and arrows, crossbows, slingshots and BB or pellet guns.
  • Any type of counterfeit merchandise including but not limited to: bootlegged "burned" DVDs or CDs, imitation designer clothes, shoes, watches or accessories.
  • Any type of fireworks.
  • Any type of medicine or pharmaceutical items.
  • Any type of drug paraphernalia such as pipes or bongs.
  • Any type of pornography including DVDs, VHS, magazines and novelty items.
  • Live animals such as pets and livestock.
  • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco in any form.
  • Tattooing or tattoo supplies.

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