Common classifications for films

Films are classified G, PG, M or MA 15+. Films can also be classified R 18+

Each classification is coloured - G is green, PG is yellow, M is blue, MA 15+ is red and R 18+ is black


Very mild impact

Mild impact

Moderate impact

Check the Classification

Classifications below are legally restricted

Strong impact

High impact



As there are two types of classification – advisory (G, PG and M) and restricted (MA 15+, R 18+) – the restricted classifications now carry a “RESTRICTED” bar so that their legally restricted nature is more obvious.
As an added indication about the nature of the legal restriction, the restricted classifications also carry the age restriction (a number with a plus sign) as part of the classification markings.
This means that the only people who do not face these restrictions are people aged 15 and over (MA 15+) or 18 and over (R 18+). The legal restrictions apply to people under 15 (MA 15+) and people under 18 (R 18+).

Consumer advice

In most circumstances, when you see the classification you will also see a white space next to it that contains some brief advice phrases, called consumer advice. This information is specific to the film that has been classified and is designed to further provide you with specific information about the content that will assist you in your choice.  Examples of consumer advice may be mild violence, moderate sex scenes, strong violence, frequent coarse language etc.

Consistent location

To assist you even further, the classifications will almost always appear at the bottom left of packaging and advertising, as well as on the spine of packaging.

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