Quake Sound

Clarity and captivating Bass ,Capturing Sound like never before Quake Sound is a Wallis and Krix initiative, breaking the barriers of cinema sound with the latest speaker and digital audio processing technology, delivering power, clarity and realism to any cinema performance.

A 7.1 system at heart, Quake cinemas utilise the world-leading Trinnov Ovation processor to phase correct, time align and equalise the sound across an impressive nineteen speakers and ten subwoofers, for an absolutely epic cinema experience. Its Clarity and responsive sound you’ve never experienced before at the Movies.

Quake Sound is the latest cinema upgrade for Wallis Cinemas Mitcham in South Australia.

We've combined the latest Trinnov Audio digital processing technology together with nineteen speakers and ten subwoofers to deliver crystal clear sound with deep, captivating bass! What make the Quake System unique is.

1. There are 4 sub-woofer speakers behind the screen and 6 sub-woofer speakers distributed around the auditorium with the surrounds speakers.

2. Each speaker in the cinema including the front screen channels low, mid and high is driven by its own separate amplifier.

3. The Trinnov sound processor precisely controls the timing of all sound frequencies to arrive at the listener’s ear at the same time resulting in a much crisper, clearer sound


•A/D signal-to-noise ratio: 119 dBA, THD+N: -103 dB •D/A signal-to-noise ratio: 118 dBA, THD+N: -98 dB •Independent power supplies for audio and processing sections •Advanced jitter-rejection technologies •64-bit floating point processing AUTOMATIC EQ Trinnov simplifies and improves the whole room equalization process. The screen channel loudspeakers are Krix KX-5986, 4 way triamped.

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